Alexei Shulgin

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Alexei Shulgin (Алексей Шульгин, 1963, Moscow) is an artist and curator living in Moscow.

He was involved with software art, internet art, and 386DX performances in which a Microsoft Windows-based 386 PC performed MIDI renditions of popular music hits while a synthesized voice sang the lyrics.

1988 founded the Immediate Photography (aka Instant Photo) group and started his career as a photographer. After 1990, he shifted his interests from photography to the Internet. 1994-95 taught photography/contemporary art at United Art Workshops, Moscow. 1994 created electronic photography gallery Hot Pictures on the Internet. 1994/1995 curated Reproduction, Mon Amour at the Moscow Centre for Contemporary Arts and Nikolaj Contemporary Art Center, Kopenhagen. 1994 founded the Moscow WWW Art Centre, collaborating with many artists from London and Slovenia. 1995-96 seminars on Internet/WWW at Moscow WWW Art Centre. In 1997, he released his first interactive work, Form Art, in which only minimum factors are programmed in the form of HTML. This was aimed at the influence of a networking process on the Internet. 2002-05 organised Readme software art festival, and established the software art repository.

He was a lecturer at University of Industrial Arts, Helsinki; Royal College of Art and Westminster University, London; High School of Photography, Stockholm, etc.