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Resource on net art, internet art, net-based art, net-based installations, web art, web-based art.

Artists, writers[edit]


Online exhibitions and databases[edit]

Selected recent works[edit]

2007 subvertr by Les Liens Invisibles. 2008 fuckflikr by Theo Watson, Jamie Wilkinson, and Greg Leuch; China Channel by Aram Bartholl, Evan Roth and tbx (; Pirates of the Amazon by tbx and Timo Klok. 2009 Web 2.0 Suicide Machine by moddr; Seppukoo by Les Liens Invisibles; Give Me My Data by Owen Mundy. 2010 Repetitionr by Les Liens Invisibles; Firesheep by Eric Butler; FaceLeaks by Dušan Barok. 2011 Newstweek by Julian Oliver and Danja Vasilev; Piratebox by David Darts; motivo astratto by &; Love Machine by Julien Deswaef.

Works in museum collections[edit]

Artist b. Title, Link Year Coll. Acq. Coll. no. Coll. URL Medium Dept / Type / Tags Info
Douglas Davis US The World's First Collaborative Sentence 1994- Whitney 1995 95.253 [13] Website (HTML) New Media [14] [15] [16] [17] [18]
Jean-Baptiste Michel US I WISH I could be exactly what you’re looking for 2013 Whitney 2014 2014.96 [19] Twitter API, LCD screen, spray painted mat board, and glass New Media [20]
Siebren Versteeg US New York Double Hung 2008 Whitney 2017 2017.241 [21] Digital collage, output from Internet-connected computer program, with two touch screens New Media [22]
Daniela Alina Plewe DE Muser's Service 1994 ZKM [23] Waterbed, electric heating, pillow, red LED clock module, computer (PC Client), operating system (Linux Ubuntu), custom software with internet access, modified keyboard, computer (PC Server), operating system (Linux Ubuntu), custom software with internet access, TFT monitor, text-to-speech converter (Infovox 700), speaker, amplifier, projector installation, computer-based, Net Art, Computer-based installation [24] [25] [26]
Walter van der Cruijsen, Jill Scott NL, AU Salon Digital 1995 ZKM [27] Custom-made table, three TFT monitors with speakers, glass pane, turnable ring with infrared keyboard and track ball, computer (PC), operating system (Windows) computer-based, Net Art, Net-based sculpture
Markus Huemer AT The Rules Are No Game 1997 ZKM [28] Two computers (PC, operating system: Linux, custom software with internet access), video camera, projector, floor plates with screenprint installation, computer-based, Net Art, Computer-based installation
Cornelia Sollfrank DE Net Art Generator 1999 ZKM [29] interactive net-based installation; computer workstation (table, chair, computer) and wooden box with server, projection screen; technical equipment: computer (server): PC with graphics and two network cards, operating system: Linux, software: custom software with Internet access, computer (workstation): PC, software: Internet browser; other technical devices: panel and electronics of a TFT monitor, projector, color printer (optional) computer-based, Net-based sculpture [30]
Shane Cooper US Remote Control 1999 ZKM [31] computer (Silicon Graphics O2, operating system: IRIX, custom software), keyboard, mouse, audio effects unit, computer screen, TV screen, custom-made remote control system, TV cabinet, coffee table, sofa, floor lamp, pedestal computer-based, installation, video, Net-based installation, Computer-based installation [32] [33] [34]
David Link DE Poetry Machine 2001 ZKM [35] interactive, net-based installation; room with projection screen, technological equipment: computer: 3 PCs, operating system: Linux, software: Icustom software with Internet access, other devices: modified keyboard on stand, custom electronics, ultrasonic distance sensor, network distributor, 1 plasma monitor, projector, amplifier, 2 passive speakers, mixer installation, computer-based, Net Art, Net-based installation, Computer-based installation [36] [37]
Transmute Collective AU Intimate Transactions 2005 ZKM [38] Two supporting structures for one person each (aluminum, steel, plastic), four computers (Power Max G5), operating system (OSX), custom software, four computers (PC), operating system (Windows), custom software, laptop, operating system (Windows), custom software with internet access, two sound cards (MOTU 828 Mk2), two AD/DA converters (Behringer ADA8000), two custom-made electronic units, two MIDI controllers (Midiman 2x2), four body sensors, two video cameras, two RGB mixers, 16 speakers (active), two subwoofers, two projectors, two projection screens, seven TFT monitors, pedestal, monitor, CF card player, speakers (active) video, computer-based, installation, Sound installation, Video installation, Net-based installation, Computer-based installation
Marc Lee CH Breaking the News 2007 ZKM [39] computer (PC), operating system (Windows XP), custom software with internet access, 3 or 4 projectors, 3 or 4 speakers (active) installation, computer-based, Net-based installation, Computer-based installation, Video installation [40]
David Bowen US tele-present water 2011 ZKM [41] Aluminium, wooden sticks, nylon threads, 17 servo motors (Futaba S3004), computer (Macmini, operating system: Mac OSX, software: Max/MSP); wave from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration data buoy station 51003 installation, computer-based, Kinetic installation, Computer-based installation, Net-based installation [42]
Mark Amerika US Crapshoot 2013- 2014 ZKM [43] website; languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript computer-based, Net Art [44] [45] [46]
Martine Neddam NL My DesktopLife 2014 ZKM [47] net-based artwork; website, languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python computer-based, Net Art [48]
Rafaël Rozendaal NL Neo Geo City 2014 ZKM [49] website, languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python computer-based, Net Art [50] [51]
Alex Wenger, Max-Gerd Retzlaff DE Spuren 2015 ZKM [52] 1 Computer, 2 Microcontroller, Webserver, 1 Monitor, Software, 1 Sockel computer-based, Net-based installation [53]
Leena Krohn FI Sphinx or Robot 1997 Kiasma 1997 N-1997-86 [54] Media Art, Online Art
Juha van Ingen FI Web-Safe 1999- 2000 Kiasma 2016 N-2016-32 [55] Text, Silent Media Art, Online Art [56] [57] [58]
Jarkko Räsänen FI Ordered Dance 2016 Kiasma 2016 N-2016-44 [59] Media Art, Online Art [60]
Tuomo Rainio FI Untitled (Gravitational waves) 2016 Kiasma 2016 N-2016-45 [61] Text Media Art, Online Art [62]
Pink Twins FI Infinity 2016 Kiasma 2016 N-2016-48 [63] Media Art, Online Art [64]
Angelo Plessas GR Homo Cybersphericus 2017 Kiasma 2016 N-2016-50 [65] Text, website Media Art, Online Art [66]
Jenna Sutela FI Gut-Machine Poetry 2017 Kiasma 2016 N-2016-796 [67] Text, website Media Art, Online Art [68]
Reija Meriläinen FI Survivor 2017 Kiasma 2017 N-2017-205 [69] Media Art [70]
Robertas Narkus LT Prospect Revenge 2019 Kiasma 2019 N-2019-63 [71] [72]
John F. Simon Jr. US Unfolding Object 2002 Guggenheim 2002 2002.16 [73] Interactive networked code (Java applet with server database and servlets) Internet Art [74] [75]
Mark Napier US net.flag 2002 Guggenheim 2002 2002.17 [76] Interactive networked code (Java applet with server database) Internet Art [77] [78]
Shu Lea Cheang TW Brandon 1998- 1999 Guggenheim 2005 2005.44 [79] Interactive networked code (html, Java, Javascript and server database) Internet Art [80] [81]
Lynn Hershman Leeson US Agent Ruby 1999- 2002 SFMOMA 2008 2008.230 [82] web project digital media [83] [84] [85] [86] [87] [88] [89]
Julia Scher US Predictive Engineering2 1998 SFMOMA 2008 2008.231 [90] web project digital media [91]
Harrell Fletcher and Miranda July, Harrell Fletcher, Miranda July, Yuri Ono US Learning to Love You More 2002- 2009 SFMOMA 2010 2010.45 [92] web project ( and archive digital media
Sandra Gamarra PE LiMac Museum Shop 2005 Tate 2009 T15217 [93] Software, networked, internet, colour, laptop; plywood, paint, oil paintings on canvas, coat hangers, t-shirts, mugs, canvas bags, wooden yo-yos, mouse mats, pin badges, printed papers and other materials
Marc Lee CH TV Bot 2.0 2010 HEK 2012 S0001 [94] 16:9 flat screen, speaker boxes, computer, Internet browser with flash plug-in, Internet connection, router, cable Internet Artwork [95] [96] [97]
Christoph Wachter, Mathias Jud CH New Nations 2009- 2011 HEK 2012 S0003 [98] Router: TL-WR841ND (with handmade aluminum box), operating system OpenWRT Attitude Adjustment 12.09, wooden box, folded leaflet, book Internet Community Project
UBERMORGEN AT Sound of Ebay 2008/ 2009 HEK 2012 S0004 [99] EBay user data; computer with Internet connection; possibly a screen with a projector Internet Artwork
Jodi NL, BE div. (property) 2013 HEK 2013 S0013 [100] Source code: HTML, CSS, Javascript; computer, other output devices (projector, screen) Internet Artwork
Beat Brogle, Philippe Zimmermann CH onewordmovie 2003/ 2018 HEK 2016 S0014 [101] Program code, source code (HTML 5), database, emulator Internet Artwork
Monica Studer, Christoph van den Berg CH filter: four letter words 1997- 1998 HEK 2016 S0015 [102] For the original version: 726 HTML files and 726 GIF files; for the 2016 version: 726 HTML files, 726 GIF files and 1 CSS file Screen: 640 x 480 px – 1920 x 1080 px; desktop computer, e.g., Netscape 2.0 / Windows 98; HTML 5 or CCS 3 browser, e.g., Firefox 47.0 / Windows XP Internet Artwork
Monica Studer, Christoph van den Berg CH filter: mille miglia 1997- 1998 HEK 2016 S0016 [103] For the original version: 5 HTML files; for the 2008 version: 5 HTML files; for the 2016 version: 2 HTML files (1 x iframe, 1 x openWindow): Screen: 780 x 280 px; desktop computer, e.g., Netscape 4 / Windows 98; HTML 5 or CCS 3 browser, e.g., Firefox 47.0 / Windows XP Internet Artwork
Monica Studer, Christoph van den Berg CH filter: mixed double 1997- 1998 HEK 2016 S0017 [104] For the original version: 726 HTML files and 726 GIF files; for the 2016 version: 726 HTML files, 726 GIF files and 1 CSS file Screen: 640 x 480 px – 1920 x 1080 px; desktop computer, e.g., Netscape 2.0 / Windows 98; HTML 5 or CCS 3 browser, e.g., Firefox 47.0 / Windows XP Internet Artwork
Monica Studer, Christoph van den Berg CH travelogue 2005 HEK 2017 S0038 [105] Web game: Flash-File and HTML pages for Online and Offline use; film of the game: 736 x 506 px, 33’, MP4, AV Web Game [106]
Monica Studer, Christoph van den Berg CH Hotel Vue des Alpes 2000- HEK 2017 S0044 [107] Pentium III, 3-D programs, website with room-reservation system, HTML, PHP, compatible with flash and SQL, vda player Internet Artwork
Maia Gusberti, Michael Aschauer, Nik Thoenen, Sepp Deinhofer CH LOGICALAND V0.1 2002 HEK 2016 S0018 [108] Web application with Java applet (and HTML/CSS) as front end, and a PHP/MySQL as backend. Current version: 0.11. Used – last tested software: PHP Version 4.3.6, MYSQL 3.23.39 Web Game
!Mediengruppe Bitnik CH Download Finished 2006 HEK 2016 S0020 [109] 3 films in PAL MPEG-2, 720 x 576 px format. Website consists of 1420 static pages and 1409 films in HTML5. Web server (Nginx, Apache) with PHP5 enabled; server space: ca. 140 GB Web Archive, Digital Video
knowbotic research DE, CH minds of concern (New York version) 2002 HEK 2016 S0024 [110] Server: apache, mysql, python script, python cgi scripts; Client: HTMIL, flash (gnash) plugin; Internet Artwork, Interactive Installation
knowbotic research DE, CH macghillie_just a void 2008- 2012 HEK 2016 S0025 [111] Wordpress Blog, Camouflage-Anzug Blog, Urban Intervention
Birgit Kempker DE, CH Sphinx 2004- HEK 2017 S0035 [112] Internet Artwork [113]
Marc Lee CH TV Bot 1.0 2004/ 2005 HEK 2017 S0036 [114] Original (2004): Data stream from the Internet, 16:9 flat screen, speakers, computer, Internet browser with flash plugin, Internet connection including router, cable. Videos (2005): flash, MP4 Internet Artwork [115] [116] [117] [118]
John F. Simon, Jr. US Every Icon 1997 HEK 2017 S0037 [119] Software, Java Applet Internet Artwork [120]
LAN CH TraceNoizer – Disinformation On Demand 2001 HEK 2017 S0047 [121] Internet Artwork
Gilles Aubry, Stéphane Montavon DE, CH Cairo Talking Heads 2006/ 2017 HEK 2017 S0061 [122] software, website, audio Blog, Internet Artwork
Martine Neddam NL Mouchette 1996- Stedelijk & MOTI Breda 2016 [123] [124] [125] [126] [127] [128] [129]

See also the works commissioned by Tate (2000-2011), SFMOMA (2000-) and Whitney (2001-), and the works in Rhizome ArtBase.


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Journal issues[edit]

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