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Born 1971. Net artist, theorist, experimental film and video critic and curator. Studied film criticism and journalism at Moscow State University, graduating in 1993, then followed with art residencies at C3 (Budapest, 1997) and Villa Walderta (Munich, 1998). Founded Art Teleportacia, a web gallery of her work, which also features links to remakes of her most famous work "My boyfriend came back from the war" and was one of the organisers and later, director of Cine Fantom, an experimental cinema club in Moscow co-founded in 1995 by Lialina with Gleb Aleinikov, Andrej Silvestrov, Boris Ukhananov, Inna Kolosova and others.

Lialina taught at New Media Lab (Moscow, 1994); Joint Art Studios (Moscow, 1995); University of Westminster (London, 1997); MUU (Helsinki, 1997); Kunst Academiet (Trondheim, 1998); Fachhochschule (Augsburg, 1998); University of Graz (1998); Akademie der Bildenden Künste München (Munich, 1998-99);[3] and Merz Akademie in (Stuttgart (1999-2001).

She is the author of Last Real Net Art Museum, First Real Net Art Gallery, and co-author of among others Zombie&Mummy episodes and the Frozen Niki blog. She writes on vernacular web, net art and new media.


  • Olia Lialina's website includes her piece "My boyfriend came back from the war" which is a perfect example of net.art. In this particular piece Olia Lialina tells a story with gif about a couple and what occurred when the male came back from a war. The female talks about cheating, and there is some talk about marriage. The whole piece is in black and white and the story progresses as one clicks on the different words. This piece has been remixed and redone in different ways, you can find the links to these new pieces here
  • The first real net art gallery is a web page that features what appears to be a creator in the lower right hand side of the page and eleven bars at the top left hand side, the website pictures evergreen trees throughout. The link on this page is over the creator, when clicked on the page moves towards the top left, finally stopping and revealing links.
  • The most beautiful web page is a web page which appears to be as the link states "some universe". The link to the page is in the words which appear in the middle of the page and read "SOME UNIVERSE for heike, dragan and your browser" when clicked on, a new web page appears in which one must scroll using the page down on your keyboard. While doing this the various spots of color on the black background appear to twinkle and move. Throughout the scrolling there are different images that appear, at times there are stripes of color which look as if they are moving in the opposite direction of the rest of the site. Finally at the bottom of the page five images can be seen, including a horizontal stripe of sparkling purple lights.
  • News paper online is a web page that features newspaper with different Gif through out the news papers. There are five different newspapers from different parts of the world in order from left to right.
    • The first newspaper is of Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung a German news paper from August 2, 2004. Olia has added a GIF of roses.
    • The second newspaper is of Daily Jang. The date of this paper is August 6, 2004 the animations added to it are colored spheres.
    • The third newspaper is of USA TODAY, this page includes GIF of American flags and of The Statue of Liberty. The date for this newspaper is August 9, 2004 and when scrolled over the part entitled "Election Officials Act to Stop Snags" the same newspaper is revealed without the GIF and in black and white.
    • The fourth newspaper is of The Wall Street Journal Europe this page contains a GIF of animals. The date on the newspaper is August 4, 2004.
    • The fifth newspaper is of Dajiyuan. In this newspaper there are GIFs of Street Fighter. The date on the newspaper is August 4, 2004.