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Josephine Bosma is an journalist and critic living and working in Amsterdam. She started making radio programs in 1991 with Radio Patapoe in Amsterdam (until 1998). From 1993 until August 1996 her programs about art and new media became part of the VPRO radioshow "Het Paradijs". In January 1996 Josephine Bosma did the coordination of the radio part of Next 5 Minutes, a conference on tactical media. In March 1997 she organised a workshop on at V2_, Rotterdam, together with Andreas Broeckmann. Since early 1997 Josephine Bosma works mostly as a journalist and writer. Articles and interviews have been published in Telepolis, Mute, Intelligent Agent and mailing lists like nettime. In January 2001 initiated the newsletter for net art criticism, Cream. Since 2011 she is an external PhD candidate at the University of Amsterdam.

Selected articles and interviews