ReadMe! ASCII Culture & The Revenge of Knowledge. Filtered by Nettime (1999)

5 September 2010, dusan

“A compilation of writings and debates from the Nettime newsgroup and internet mailing list. This book documents the debates over emerging media technologies that are currently reshaping society. What are the liberatory potentials? Where are the points of political conflict and class struggle in this new culture? What are the pitfalls of new technology? Read Me! provides the beginnings of this discussion and an outline for what has become a continuing forum on the Net.”

Edited by Josephine Bosma, Pauline van Mourik Broekman, Ted Byfield, Matthew Fuller, Geert Lovink, Diana McCarty, Pit Schultz Felix Stalder, McKenzie Wark, and Faith Wilding
Publisher: Autonomedia, February 1999
ISBN: 1570270899, 978-1570270895
556 pages


single PDF (added on 2014-8-29)
PDF chapters (updated on 2016-5-15)

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