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Continuo's documents

Library Genesis

Radical Open Access Collective

Memory of the World




1,000 Little Hammers

AB-Library – Ausdruck Books Library (English, Czech, Slovak)

Accordion Publications – with a special interest in artists’ accordions.

Anarchist Library

art&education papers

Artists' Books Online – an online repository of facsimiles, metadata, and criticism

Athabasca University Press – open access scholarly publishing house

Bedeutung – academic library of e-books

Bibliothèque Kandinsky – Fonds numérisés: livres et revues

Bibliotik – e-books torrent

Bodega: Document

Bulletins of The Serving Library

Cărţi de filosofie şi ştiinţe sociale

Center for Hellenic Studies at Harvard – has an extensive online publications section

compArt daDA: the database Digital Art – computer art publications

Dark Matter Archives

Digibarn Computer Museum: collections / books

Digital Culture Books – an imprint of the U Michigan Press

Digital Library of the Commons

Discourse Notebook Archive – lectures in contemporary continental philosophy

EbookCollective – a centralized location for leftist literature

Eclipse – free on-line archive focusing on digital facsimiles of the most radical small-press writing from the last quarter century

eShelf – a collection of artists’ online publishing activities

Fark Yaraları = Scars of Différance


FLOSShub Papers

Folklore 2.0 – Biblioteca de antropologie românească

Forum Historiae's E-Library – academic e-books on history, in Slovak and Czech

Fragen – a digital library of key texts of second wave of feminism in Europe

Gauss PDF – a publisher of digitally-based works and other materials

Global Digital Download – internet freedom resource

Hackershelf – a community library of free books on hacking, computing, technology

HSRC Press – an open access publishing house based in South Africa

Ignorant Schoolmaster and His Committees – Yugoslav humanities archive of texts, magazines and books – brochures subversives à lire, imprimer, propager

Inter-Disciplinary Press

International Dada Archive

Internet Archive: Ebook and Texts Archive

Jacket2 Reissues

Kuda – arts and activism books in Serbian

La Bibliothèque Fantastique – an artist’s books virtual publisher

Les Classiques des sciences sociales

Library Stack – database initiative for digital objects and publications

Libros de arte / Art books

List of publishers of Open Access books

Luminos – University of California Press’ Open Access publishing program for monographs

Makeworlds – essays by contemporary continental philosophers

Manifold – open-source platform for scholarly publishing

Mariborchan – theory

Mattering Press – open access book publisher

MayFlyBooks – open access and independent publisher

meson press – publishes research on digital cultures and networked media in OA

Micelij Knjižnica Arhiv

Monoskop wiki

Movingimage-library – film, cinema and moving image

Multimedia Institute (MaMa), Zagreb – philosophy, humanities, fiction

Museum of Accidents

Notes from Underground – Scans of music underground fanzines

OAPEN – Open Access Publishing in European Networks

Onestar Press – artist books, multiples and movies

Open Humanities Press

Otis: Artists' Books Collection – incl. scans

pdf-mags – free pdf magazines

Porodična biblioteka i drugi tekstovi

Prickly Paradigm Press

Project Gutenberg – producer of free ebooks

Public Collectors

Public Domain Review – Free online journal of marvellous curiosities

Publication Studio – artist books on demand

Punctum Books – Open-access publisher dedicated to creative modes of intellectual inquiry and writing across a whimsical para-humanities assemblage

Quiver distro – Anarchist publishing and archiving – independent and open publishing

Registry of Open Access Repositories

rip (ex-Gigapedia) – open knowledge sharing site

Russian Futurist Book collection of the Russian Historical Public Library

Shock Corridor – industrial zines

Society of Control library

Tarbiyawatania2014 – Arabic resource

Tehne Library – books and magazines on design architecture in Russian

Temporary Services: Booklets

The Dor – Art books

The Metapress

The Modernist Journals Project

Traficantes de Sueños

Transversal texts

Ugly Duckling Presse’s Online Chapbook Archive

Uncopy: Metaworks

University of California Press E-Books Collection, 1982-2004 – 700+ books on art, science, history, music, etc.

University of Pittsburgh Press Digital Editions

Urbanomic Documents

UTS ePress – open access publisher, U of Technology Sydney

V£R$O – radical zines and books ready to print

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