Peter Shapiro (ed.): Modulations: A History of Electronic Music: Throbbing Words on Sound (2000)

29 July 2017, dusan

Modulations contains several large essays written by music critics and musicians that provide historical and critical survey of electronic music by genre, discussing labels, sub-genres, stylistic developments, musicians, and records.

Chapters by Rob Young (Pioneers), Simon Reynolds (Krautrock), Peter Shapiro (Disco, Post Punk), Kodwo Eshun (House), David Toop (Hip-Hop), Mike Rubin (Techno), Chris Sharp (Jungle), Tony Marcus (Ambient), Kurt Reighley (Downtempo), and Michael Berk (Technology).

Project director: Iara Lee
Publisher Caipirinha Productions, New York, 2000
ISBN 189102406X, 9781891024061
255 pages

Film reviews: Stephen Holden (NYT, 1998), Tony Ramos (Hyperreal, n.d.).


PDF (39 MB, no OCR)
See also film documentary, dir. Iara Lee, 1998, 75 min.

Thurston Moore, Byron Coley: No Wave: Post-Punk, Underground, New York, 1976-1980 (2008)

16 July 2017, dusan

“A visual chronicle of the collision of art and punk in the New York underground of 1976 to 1980. This look at punk rock, new wave, experimental music, and the avant-garde art movement of the 1970s and 1980s focuses on the architects of No Wave from James Chance to Lydia Lunch to Glenn Branca, as well as the luminaries that intersected the scene, such as David Byrne, Debbie Harry, Brian Eno, Iggy Pop, and Richard Hell.

This rarely documented scene was the creative stomping ground of young artists and filmmakers from Jean-Michel Basquiat to Jim Jarmusch as well as the musical genesis for the post-punk explosions of Sonic Youth. Thurston Moore and Byron Coley have selected 150 images and compiled personal interviews to create an oral history of the movement.”

Publisher Abrams Image, New York, 2008
ISBN 9780810995437, 0810995433
143 pages


PDF (65 MB, no OCR)

John F. Szwed: Space Is The Place: The Lives And Times of Sun Ra (1997)

28 January 2017, dusan

“Sun Ra, a.k.a. Herman Poole “Sonny” Blount (1914–1993), has been hailed as ‘one of the great big-band leaders, pianists, and surrealists of jazz’ (New York Times) and as ‘the missing link between Duke Ellington and Public Enemy’ (Rolling Stone). Composer, keyboardist, bandleader, philosopher, poet, and self-proclaimed extraterrestrial from Saturn, Sun Ra led his ‘Intergalactic Arkestra’ of thirty-plus musicians in a career that ranged from boogie-woogie and swing to be-bop, free jazz, fusion, and New Age music. This definitive biography reveals the life, philosophy, and musical growth of one of the twentieth century’s greatest avant-garde musicians.”

Publisher Pantheon Books, New York, 1997
ISBN 0679435891, 9780679435891
xviii+476+8 pages

Reviews: Brent Staples (NYT Books, 1997), Matthew Wuethrich (All About Jazz, 2003).


PDF (23 MB)

Pierre Schaeffer: De la musique concrète à la musique même (1977) [French]

12 January 2017, dusan

Collection of Pierre Schaeffer‘s writings from 1938-1977 published as triple issue of La Revue musicale (303-305).

Edited by Sophie Brunet
Publisher La Revue musicale, Paris, 1977
252 pages
via Rub


PDF (49 MB)

Cesura//Acceso: Journal for Music, Politics and Poetics, 1 (2014)

14 May 2016, dusan

“Publishing a mix of commissions and open submissions, Cesura//Acceso asks what it could mean to practice politics through music or think music through politics. Featuring contributions from musicians, writers, artists, theorists and poets, Cesura//Acceso explores, unfolds and encourages interconnected spaces of experimental thought and practice in politics, music and poetics.

It’s about: Cruel optimism in Bay Area punk, DJ Rashad and the ghetto thermodynamics of juke, the 1994 Criminal Justice Bill, dole autonomy and rave, Mary J Blige, Lyn Hejinian and lives un-lived, the poetics of turfing, forensic speech analysis, musings on Don Cherry in London, singing and factory work, the abject history of happy hardcore, poetry by Howard Slater and Martin Glaberman, an interview with Joe McPhee, incantations to de-harmonise the world, puking music and more…”

Contributors: Sean Bonney, Anne Boyer, Seymour Wright, Stevphen Shukaitis, Howard Slater, Dhanveer Singh Brar, Commune Editions, Alberto Savinio, Kev Nickells, Anthony Iles & Eve Lear, Johanna Isaacson, Matteo Pasquinelli, Martin Glaberman, Emma Robertson, Michael Pickering & Marek Korczynski, Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Simon Yuill, Iain Boal.

Published in London, Oct 2014
Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License
ISBN 9780993024603
ISSN 2056-5631
253 pages

PDF (2 MB)

See also the journal’s Soundcloud page.

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