Eikoh Hosoe, Yukio Mishima: 薔薇刑 / Killed by Roses (1963–) [Japanese, English]

27 September 2017, dusan

The legendary photobook Barakei — Killed by Roses is a collaboration between photographer Eikoh Hosoe and writer Yukio Mishima. Hosoe used props, personal belongings and backgrounds readily available in Mishima’s house to cast the renowned writer as his subject in a sequence of surreal scenery.

“The photos that make up the body of the book are inky, sometimes high-contrast gravures that bleed right to the edge of the page and often extend across the entire open spread, giving extra impact to images that are already quite arresting. Even if the subject of Hosoe’s photographs weren’t the author Yukio Mishima, the book would be remarkable for its humid mix of eroticism and myth, queer kitsch and high art. But Mishima, Japan’s most celebrated and controversial modern novelist, was also a brilliant provocateur and his presence here turns ‘Killed By Roses’ into a charged collaboration between artists testing one another’s limits. Hosoe’s first meeting with Mishima, in September 1961, was at the writer’s house. That first day, Mishima, already dressed only in a loincloth, ended up wrapped in a garden hose and standing on the marble mosaic zodiac on his lawn. The resulting surreal images are among the book’s most famous; though Hosoe saw them as ‘the destruction of a myth’. Mishima’s ritual suicide in 1970 was seen as his final artistic act.” (Andrew Roth, “The Book of 101 Books”, p 164)

Photography by Eikoh Hosoe (細江英公)
Model and introduction by Yukio Mishima (三島由紀夫)
Publisher Shueisha (集英社刊), Tokyo, 25 March 1963
104 pages
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English edition
Preface by Yukio Mishima
The Photographer’s Note by Eikoh Hosoe
Afterword by Mark Holborn
Publisher Aperture, 1985
ISBN 0893811696
[96] pages
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Commentary: Eikoh Hosoe (ASX, 2010).

Reprint (JP, 2008)
Publisher (EN)
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薔薇刑 / Killed by Roses (Japanese, PDF, 7 MB; JPGs)
Ba-ra-kei: Ordeal by Roses (English, 1985, 153 MB, added on 2017-10-25)

Lisa Blackman: Loving the Alien: A Post-Post-Human Manifesto (2016)

7 July 2017, dusan

This essay explores the ambivalent position of the alien in order to reflect upon the question of whether there is a place for a non-body politic. Lisa Blackman brings together a number of different debates from “new biologies” to “alien phenomenologies” that provide some ways of framing a possible non-body politics founded on radical relationality, contingency and “inhuman formation” that might go some small way to recognising what might be at stake.

Publisher Fall Semester, Miami, 2016
Open access
22 pages
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Later version, published in Subjectivity, Apr 2017: HTML, PDF

Marie-Luise Angerer: Ecology of Affect: Intensive Milieus and Contingent Encounters (2017) [German, English]

23 May 2017, dusan

“The way we conceive the human today is particularly affected by the shifts in media technology during the 20th century. Affect emerges as the new liminal concept that renders the body compatible in novel ways with the technology and politics of media. By ways of a relational reorganization the organic end technological life is condensed in a new, intense way to an ecology of affects.”

English edition
Translated by Gerrit Jackson
Preface by Felicity Colman
Publisher meson.press, Lüneburg, Apr 2017
Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0 International License
ISBN 9783957960955
68 pages

Publisher (DE)
Publisher (EN)

Ecology of Affect: Intensive Milieus and Contingent Encounters: PDF, PDF
Affektökologie: Intensive Milieus und zufällige Begegnungen: PDF, PDF

Gretchen Bender, Timothy Druckrey (eds.): Culture on the Brink: Ideologies of Technology (1994)

15 March 2017, dusan

A wide-ranging collection of essays by Margaret Morse, Billy Klüver, Laurie Anderson, Simon Penny, Avital Ronnell, and others.

Publisher Bay Press, Seattle, 1994
Dia Center for the Arts: Discussions in Contemporary Culture series, 9
ISBN 0941920283, 9780941920285
361 pages

Review: Roger Silverstone (Screen, 1997).


PDF (106 MB)

Scores (2010–)

29 December 2016, dusan

“With its own publication – Scores – the Tanzquartier Wien is continuing its artistic-theoretical program in another, independent medium. Scores takes artistic research one step further and opens a performative space within the discursive one – in order to facilitate the sustainability of the discourse practised in the house and to serve as an invitation to dialogue.”

Editors (Issue 4): Arno Böhler, Walter Heun, Krassimira Kruschkova, Lejla Mehanović, Sandra Noeth
Publisher Tanzquartier Wien, Vienna
Open access


Issue 0, The Skin of Movement: PDF, PDF (2010)
Issue 1, Touché: PDF, PDF (2011)
Issue 2, What Escapes: PDF, PDF (2012)
Issue 3, Uneasy Going: PDF, PDF (2013)
Issue 4, On Addressing: PDF, PDF (2014)
Issue 5, Intact Bodies / Under Protest: PDF, PDF (2016, added on 2017-3-22)
Issue 6, No/Things: PDF, PDF (2017, added on 2017-3-22)

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