Lars Weiler, Jens Ohlig: Building a Hacker Space: A Hacker Space Design Pattern Catalogue (2007)

8 May 2012, dusan

“With the help of Design Patterns we will show you how to set up your own Hacker Space. The Design Patterns are based on more than 10 years of experience with setting up and running a Hacker Space.

Before the Chaos Communication Camp 2007 the Chaos Computer Club received a question from the US-based Hacker Foundation that we should help them in setting up Hacker Spaces (or club rooms) in the USA. After the Camp they did a tour through Germany and Austria and visited a couple of Hacker Spaces. Each of them gave a presentation about their history and how they managed to set up the Hacker Space and keep it running. In Cologne we prepared a Design Pattern Catalogue with the usual problem you encounter while finding the perfect location and managing the community.

This presentation received a large acknowledgment from the Hacker Foundation. Now we will present the Ultimate Hacker Space Design Pattern Catalogue including comments and enhancements from other local Chaos Computer Clubs.

Attend this talk when you are about to start your local Chaos Computer Club or Hacker Space somewhere else on earth and learn from our experience!” (authors)

24th Chaos Communication Congress, 27 December 2007
Creative Commons BY-NC-SA License
85 slides



Cryptomorphosis (2012)

9 March 2012, dusan

This is a basic intro to hacktivism, the surveillance industry, online anonymity, encryption, filesharing, and darknets mainly intended for activists, occupiers, and all others passionate about using code and information for social change or just avoiding the seemingly all-seeing eye of the authorities.

Published in January 2012
BY-NC license
54 pages

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