Gene Kogan, Francis Tseng: Machine Learning for Artists (2016–)

13 October 2016, dusan

“This is an in-development book about machine learning. The first draft is expected early-2017. Some chapters are nearly complete, some are very rough, some are just stubs.

Guides and Demos are being released as we go. Guides are a collection of practical resources for working with machine learning software, including code and tutorials. Demos are are a collection of figures and interactive demos for highlighting important concepts in machine learning, and supplementing the book’s materials.”

Chapters (HTML)
Guides (HTML, Python)
Demos (HTML, Javascript)

Google Search Quality Rating Guidelines (2007-2012)

2 December 2012, dusan

Google’s manual for its unseen humans who rate the web. The raters are being hired through Google’s contractors such as Lionbridge, Leapforce and Appen Butler Hill.

Publisher Google, Inc.
43 pages; 125 pages; 161 pages
via Google Search

interview with a Google Search quality rater (
discussion (Slashdot)
commentary (v.3.27,
commentary (v.3.18,
commentary (v.2.1,

PDF (Version 3.27, June 2012)
PDF (Version 3.18, March 2011)
PDF (Version 2.1, April 2007)

The CryptoParty Handbook (2012)

4 October 2012, dusan

This handbook is designed to help those with no prior experience to protect their basic human right to Privacy in networked, digital domains. By covering a broad array of topics and use contexts it is written to help anyone wishing to understand and then quickly mitigate many kinds of vulnerability using free, open-source tools. Most importantly however this handbook is intended as a reference for use during Crypto Parties.

Facilitated by Adam Hyde
Core Team: Marta Peirano, Asher Wolf, Julian Oliver, Danja Vasiliev, Malte Dik, Brendan Howell, Jan Gerber, Brian Newbold,
Assisted by Teresa Dillon, AT, Carola Hesse, Chris Pinchen, ‘LiamO’, ‘l3lackEyedAngels’, ‘Story89′, Travis Tueffel
Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0 Unported license
386+ pages
via Julian Oliver

discussion and criticism (Liberationtech list)

authors and more information

Download the latest edition
Contribute (via GitHub)
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Speak Up, Speak Out: A Toolkit for Reporting on Human Rights Issues (2012)

3 May 2012, dusan

This toolkit is both a human rights reference guide and a workbook for journalists and civic activists who want to improve their ability to report on human rights issues in a fair, accurate, and sensitive way.

Editor and Producer: Manisha Aryal
Publisher Internews, Washington DC, February 2012
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License
174 pages



Open Data Handbook (2012)

16 March 2012, dusan

This handbook discusses the legal, social and technical aspects of open data. It can be used by anyone but is especially designed for those seeking to open up data. It discusses the why, what and how of open data – why to go open, what open is, and the how to ‘open’ data.

Contributing authors: Daniel Dietrich, Jonathan Gray, Tim McNamara, Antti Poikola, Rufus Pollock, Julian Tait, Ton Zijlstra
An Open Knowledge Foundation project
Creative Commons Attribution (Unported) v3.0 License


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