Walter D. Mignolo, Catherine E. Walsh: On Decoloniality: Concepts, Analytics, Praxis (2018)

20 June 2018, dusan

“In On Decoloniality Walter D. Mignolo and Catherine E. Walsh explore the hidden forces of the colonial matrix of power, its origination, transformation, and current presence, while asking the crucial questions of decoloniality’s how, what, why, with whom, and what for. Interweaving theory-praxis with local histories and perspectives of struggle, they illustrate the conceptual and analytic dynamism of decolonial ways of living and thinking, as well as the creative force of resistance and re-existence. This book speaks to the urgency of these times, encourages delinkings from the colonial matrix of power and its ‘universals’ of Western modernity and global capitalism, and engages with arguments and struggles for dignity and life against death, destruction, and civilizational despair.”

Publisher Duke University Press, Durham, 2018
ISBN 9780822370949, 0822370948
xiii+291 pages


PDF (3 MB)

Taeyoon Choi: Poetic Computation Reader (2017)

27 September 2017, dusan

This online book discusses code as a form of poetry and aesthetic while raising ethical questions associated with it. It is based on Taeyoon Choi’s lectures at the School for Poetic Computation, an independent school he co-founded in New York City.

Edited by Hannah Son
Designed by HAWRAF
Published 2017

Source code on Github

Paul Klee Notebooks, vol. 1: The Thinking Eye (1956–) & vol. 2: The Nature of Nature (1970–)

22 December 2013, dusan

Paul Klee Notebooks is a two-volume work by Paul Klee that collects his lectures at the Bauhaus schools in 1920s Germany and his other main essays on modern art. These works are considered so important for understanding modern art that they are compared to the importance that Leonardo’s A Treatise on Painting had for Renaissance; Herbert Read called the collection “the most complete presentation of the principles of design ever made by a modern artist – it constitutes the Principia Aesthetica of a new era of art, in which Klee occupies a position comparable to Newton’s in the realm of physics.”

The final work was edited by Swiss artist Jürg Spiller. In an earlier 1925 shorter book, Pedagogical Sketchbook, Klee published a condensation of his lectures at the Weimar Bauhaus. (from Wikipedia)

Volume 1
First published as Das bildnerische Denken, Schwabe & Co., Basel, 1956
Translated by Ralph Manheim
Edited by Jürg Spiller
Publisher Lund Humphries, London, 1961
541 pages
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Volume 2
First published as Unendliche Naturgeschichte, Schwabe & Co., Basel, 1970
Translated by Heinz Norden
Edited by Jürg Spiller
Publisher Lund Humphries, London, 1973
454 pages
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Volume 1: The Thinking Eye (23 MB, no OCR, updated on 2013-12-23, trimmed version via kinter)
Volume 2: The Nature of Nature (43 MB, no OCR, updated on 2013-12-23, trimmed version via kinter)

See also Klee’s class notes in manuscript (1921-31) and his Pedagogical Sketchbook (1925–).
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