Pedagogy, Otherwise: the Reader (2018)

23 January 2020, dusan

Pedagogy, Otherwise: the Reader was assembled in the context of /and in conversation with the Eco-versities Alliance, a trans-local community of learning practitioners from around the world committed to cultivate and reclaim knowledges, relationships and imaginations. Most of the texts appeared originally in the series Pedagogy, Otherwise, as part of the line of inquiry Learning, Education and Pedagogy on, an online platform for artistic experimentation and exploration of the fault lines of modernity.

Editor Alessandra Pomarico, member of the Ecoversities Alliance and publication group, hoped through this compilation, to give voice to ‘a wide range of perspectives, explore a diversity of ways of knowing, attempting to decolonize the structure of education, contesting universal dominant frames, and focusing on pedagogy as politics. Artistic perspectives, convivial/militant research, theoretical discourses, as well as praxis of both affects and cognition, embodied and land-based practices – these are some of the tools and processes through which we witness today how learning communities are unfolding in different contexts, reclaiming autonomous yet interconnected zones of knowledge, even in the most diring geopolitical conditions’.”

Edited by Alessandra Pomarico
Publisher Eco-versities Alliance & ArtsEverywhere, 2018
Open access
257 pages

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Howard Slater, (eds.): Faculty of De-Programming for Obsolescence! Welcome! (2014) [EN, SC]

7 December 2015, dusan

A reader made within and after the (anti-) conference held on 27-28 Feb 2014 in the Youth Center CK13 in Novi Sad, in production and organization by

With texts by Group for Orgonetherapy by Communism, Howard Slater, Jakob Jakobsen, Nikoleta Marković, Petar Atanacković, Fabian Tompsett, Kasper Opstrup, Branka Ćurčić, and Zoran Gajić.

Publisher New Media, Novi Sad, 2014
ISBN 9788688567114
150 pages


Faculty of De-Programming for Obsolescence (English)
Fakultet za deprogramiranje zastarelosti (Serbo-Croatian, updated on 2019-11-7)

Valerio Borgonuovo, Silvia Franceschini (eds.): Global Tools, 1973-1975 (2015)

12 July 2015, dusan

“Global Tools was a multidisciplinary experimental program of design education founded in 1973 in Italy by the members of the Radical Architecture including Ettore Sottsass Jr. and Andrea Branzi among others. It was conceived as a diffuse system of laboratories (firstly in Florence, Milan and Naples) promoting the ‘study and use of natural materials and their behavioural characteristics’ with the support of media (namely the magazine Casabella) and aimed to establish an alternative relation with the Italian industry.”

“For the first time in the forty years that have passed since its formation, the experience of the Global Tools counter-school has been brought together in book form, uniting the images and archive documents that were produced over the few short years of its existence. This volume is compiled to chronicle and evaluate the three years of seminar activity that took place between Florence, Milan and Naples in the early 1970s, bringing to a wider audience the story of this tentative attempt to realize an experimental dispersed educational program that would serve as an alternative to the university as an institutional model of reference.

The aim of Global Tools 1973-1975 is to provide a tool for the understanding and reconstruction of the experience shared by, among others, the architects and designers Ettore Sottsass Jr., Alessandro Mendini, Andrea Branzi, Riccardo Dalisi, Remo Buti, Ugo La Pietra, Franco Raggi, Davide Mosconi, and members of the groups Archizoom, 9999, Superstudio, UFO and Zziggurat; conceptual artists and intellectuals Franco Vaccari, Giuseppe Chiari, Luciano Fabro and Germano Celant. The book also contextualizes Global Tools within a more complex network of references and connections. The critical perspectives offered by the contributions of experts and scholars are employed to shed light on those aspects of contemporary experience shared by this pedagogical utopia with the wider world.”

With contributions by Manola Antonioli, Valerio Borgonuovo, Alison J. Clarke, Beatriz Colomina, Silvia Franceschini, Maurizio Lazzarato, Franco Raggi, Simon Sadler, and Alessandro Vicari.

Publisher SALT, Istanbul, July 2015
Creative Commons BY NC ND 3.0 License
ISBN 9789944731461
173 pages

2014 exhibition and symposium


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