Howard Slater, (eds.): Faculty of De-Programming for Obsolescence! Welcome! (2014) [EN, SC]

7 December 2015, dusan

A reader made within and after the (anti-) conference held on 27-28 Feb 2014 in the Youth Center CK13 in Novi Sad, in production and organization by

With texts by Group for Orgonetherapy by Communism, Howard Slater, Jakob Jakobsen, Nikoleta Marković, Petar Atanacković, Fabian Tompsett, Kasper Opstrup, Branka Ćurčić, and Zoran Gajić.

Publisher New Media, Novi Sad, 2014
ISBN 9788688567114
150 pages


Faculty of De-Programming for Obsolescence (English)
Fakultet za deprogramiranje zastarelosti (Serbo-Croatian, updated on 2019-11-7)

Eastside Projects User’s Manual Draft Five (2012)

6 August 2012, dusan

Organisations do not often provide user’s manuals. This is the fifth draft user’s manual for Eastside Projects. It explains what the organisation is made of, how it was set up, who it is for, how it can be used and what it can offer. As would be the case when operating a machine or learning a subject, a manual may be necessary for the full use of of Eastside Projects. In this draft, the manual is structured as an alphabetical compendium of verbs. Each of these interconnected entries describes an activity engaged in by Eastside Projects as an organisation or a process occurring in the Eastside Projects building. Beneath each entry is a prompt to the reader to follow one of multiple narrative paths through the text. Readers unfamiliar with Eastside Projects should begin at Describing. Others suggested starting points Welcoming, Exhibiting, Narrating, Complicating, integrating.

Edited and designed by James Landon
with Gavin Wade, Celine Condorelli, Simon & Tom Bloor, Ruth Claxton
Published by Eastside Projects, Birmingham, UK
ISBN 9781906753290
44 pages


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Andrew Boyd (ed.): Beautiful Trouble: A Toolbox for Revolution (2012)

27 July 2012, dusan

“From Cairo to cyberspace, from Main Street to Wall Street, today’s social movements have a creative new edge that’s blurring the boundaries between artist and activist, hacker and dreamer. But the principles that make for successful creative action rarely get hashed out or written down.

Until now.

Beautiful Trouble brings together ten grassroots groups and dozens of seasoned artists and activists from around the world to distill their best practices into a toolbox for creative action. Among the groups included are Agit-Pop/The Other 98%, The Yes Men/Yes Labs, Code Pink, SmartMeme, The Ruckus Society, Beyond the Choir, The Center for Artistic Activism, Waging Nonviolence, Alliance of Community Trainers and Nonviolence International.”

Contributors include Rae Abileah, Ryan Acuff, Celia Alario, Phil Aroneanu, Peter Barnes, Jesse Barron, Andy Bichlbaum, Nadine Bloch, Kathryn Blume, L.M. Bogad, Josh Bolotsky, Mike Bonanno, Andrew Boyd, Kevin Buckland, Margaret Campbell, Doyle Canning, Samantha Corbin, Yutaka Dirks, Steve Duncombe, Mark Engler, Simon Enoch, Jodie Evans, John Ewing, Brian Fairbanks, Bryan Farrell, Janice Fine, Lisa Fithian, Cristian Fleming, Elisabeth Ginsberg, Stan Goff, Arun Gupta, Silas Harrebye, Judith Helfand, Daniel Hunter, Sarah Jaffe, John Jordan, Dmytri Kleiner, Sally Kohn, Steve Lambert, Anna Lee, Stephen Lerner, Zack Malitz, Nancy Mancias, Duncan Meisel, Matt Meyer, Dave Oswald Mitchell, Tracey Mitchell, George Monbiot, Brad Newsham, Gaby Pacheco, Mark Read, Patrick Reinsborough, Simon Roel, Joshua Kahn Russell, Leonidas Martin Saura, Levana Saxon, Maxine Schoefer-Wulf, Nathan Schneider, Kristen Ess Schurr, John Sellers, Rajni Shah, Brooke Singer, Matt Skomarovsky, Andrew Slack, Phillip Smith, Jonathan Matthew Smucker, Starhawk, Eric Stoner, Jeremy Varon, Virginia Vitzthum, Harsha Walia, Jefferey Webber and the Coalition of Immokalee Workers.

Assembled with Dave Oswald Mitchell
Publisher OR Books, New York/London, June 2012
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License
ISBN 9781935928577
474 pages

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