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RTMark (derived from "Registered Trademark") is an activist collective that subverts the "Corporate Shield" protecting US corporations.

RTMark is itself a registered corporation which brings together activists who plan projects with donors who fund them. It thus operates outside the laws governing human individuals, and benefits from the much looser laws governing corporations.

RTMark claimed as its first prank (perhaps fictionally) the Barbie Liberation Organization, in which the voiceboxes of talking Barbie and GI Joe toys were swapped, and the toys then returned to the store (1993). The first prank documentable as being truly RTMark-sponsored was the SimCopter "hack" (1996).

Other RTMark stunts were gwbush.com (a faked campaign Website for George W. Bush), and voteauction. They were also involved in the toywar.

Video: "Untitled#29.95" (1999) 'a video about video', critiquing the commodification of video art by the commercial art establishment in the 1990s, and advocating bootlegging of of commodified video art works in the name of accessibility: https://vimeo.com/18587448