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moddr_ came about in 2007 when a group of alumni from the Media Design MA course, at the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam, decided there was room for another ‘new media’ place in the city next to the already established and rather famous v2_lab.

We wanted to create a place that is more accessible to young artists and hackers, without the need for overblown project descriptions and ridiculous budget applications.

The name ‘moddr_’ resembles the dutch word ‘modder‘, meaning mud, and we chose this name to show that a large part of our practice involves the modification (modding) and re-creation of already existing technology. We tend to dislike the idea of contemporary media being labeled ‘new’, and it is part of our mission to display a critical perspective on issues related to this through our artistic practice - basically the lab consists of some very geeky fine-artists…

In terms of infrastructure Moddr part of the WORM venue in Rotterdam, where it functions as the in-house medialab.

Members include Danja Vasiliev, Walter Langelaar, Gordan Savicic, Nancy Mauro-Flude, Audrey Samson,