Alternative Film & Video Festival Belgrade

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Alternative film/video is the festival of Yugoslav alternative film and video. The aim of the festival is to document and define in theory the trends, to point at the values and new creative possibilities in the fields of alternative film and video. All authors of alternative film and video have the right to participate. The founder and the organizer of the festival is Academic Film Center in Students' city Cultural Center.

The Festival was held for the first time in 1982, as Alternative film, and intended to explore the domain of film production which is alternative to commercial film, all modes of alternative, experimental, art, short, radical film thinking… Since 1985 the Festival went on as Alternative film/video, which establishes and further explores the double relation: of alternative - film and video - production to commercial and classic, but also the relation between film and video aesthetics and production. Until 1990, the Festival included in its programs several hundreds of works of Yugoslav authors. In review programs, the referent frame for contextualization and comprehension of domestic production was built by presentations of relevant production from abroad, while the discussions and debates secured critical and theoretical elaboration and comprehension of the production and current tendencies in the area.

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