András Kangyal

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Born 1968 in Budapest. Graduated at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest in 1995. His main focus is on new types of the graphical user interfaces, large-scaled networks and data visualizations. 1997-2005 was creative director and founder of Frutta Elettronica Ltd. Is editor and anchorman of the Magas.les show at Tilos Rádió. In 2004 co-founded Nextlab initiative. Now he works as interaction designer on many different projects.

His projects include: Indageo - map based geotagging MMS system 2006-2008; Bluespot - locative mobile messanger system 2005-2007; Brainfarm - bottom-up, emergent community software development 2003-2005; Thesaurus - online data visualization software development 2004; fruttaPRESENTA - presentation editor software development 2001-2003; fruttaVIA3D - online realtime 3D engine development 2000-2002.