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'''mur.at - initiative netzkultur''', http://mur.at, [[Graz]]
'''mur.at - initiative netzkultur''', http://mur.at, [[Graz]]
'''lo-res.org''', http://lo-res.org/, since Apr [[1998]]
'''Subnet''', http://www.subnet.at/
'''Subnet''', http://www.subnet.at/

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Servus, http://servus.at, Linz, since 1996
virtual and physical access for artists and cultural producers
Staff: Uschi Reiter, Didi Kressnig, Peter Wagenhuber
Funded by Bundeskanzleramt Kunst, Kulturland Oberosterreich, Stadt Linz, Speed Web

mur.at - initiative netzkultur, http://mur.at, Graz

lo-res.org, http://lo-res.org/, since Apr 1998

Subnet, http://www.subnet.at/

(Public) Netbase, 1994 - 2006, http://t0.or.at

Silver Server, http://sil.at, Vienna
Now commercial services only

Sonance.artistic.network, http://enter.sonance.net/vhosts.html. Vienna


Okno, okno.all2all.org, Brussels
Hosts: okno.be, so-on.be, lahaag.org

Czech Republic

node9.org, independent media storage and streaming server, http://node9.org
Services: web hosting, streaming, audio and video archive
Hosts: lemurie.cz, visions.cz, culturetransfer.org, 33-3.org, michalrataj.com, srnka.cz, lostpostservice.net, skupina.net, auvid.net, oknea.net, obmea.net, jlbjlt.net, and others
Admin: Michal Klodner


closed down

Internet hosting for activists, artists, individuals and small businesses supporting our idea.


Xs4all, xs4all.nl, Amsterdam

Desk.org, desk.org, *1995


Virose, *1997


Multiplace, http://multiplace.org/wiki/doku.php?id=server, Bratislava, *2008
Hosts: 34.sk, a4.sk, altart.org, anidealstandard.com, atrakt.sk,blastula.multiplace.org, blazicek.net, burundi.sk, freelance-academics.sk, galeriepotraviny.cz, itsrainingelephants.ch, jlbjlt.net, kazalky.net, kraa.sk, kvok.info,laputa.sk,lostpostservice.net,luksuc-notone.org, matyaschochola.cz, mlok-org.net, multiplace.org, nextfestival.sk, oknea.net, ombea.net, panto-graph.net, stanislav-abraham.com, synchroni-cities.net,urbanreset.org, vieralevitt.org
Admin: gnd

Smecnet, http://smecnet.itchybit.org, Bratislava
Hosts: itchybit.org, indymedia slovakia

ChangeNet, http://www.changenet.sk/?cat=236669, Bratislava
hosting for NGO websites, 100 SKK/month (as of 12/2006)

Skosi, http://www.skosi.org/index.php?qwiki_page=skosi:activities:sk
for NGOs, software developers, open source projects

Xena, xena.media7.sk, Bratislava
Hosts: buryzone.sk, buryzone.info, citylab.sk, c2c.cz, scart.cz, idealnypartner.sk, and others
Hosted until 2008: multiplace.sk, burundi.sk
Admin: Martin Baranec

2600, ns.2600.sk
Hosts: kyberia.sk

Kyblik, http://kyblik.pieskovisko.sk, Bratislava, until 2008
Hosts: 34.sk, atrakt-art.sk, nextfestival.sk, a4.sk
Admin: Frankie

Ephex, ephex.factory.sk - went down in 2003(?), most domains transferred to Xena, Bratislava
Hosted: koridor.sk and many others
Admin: Wired (not a magazine with same name:)


Ljudmila, http://ljudmila.org, *1994, Ljubljana

United Kingdom

Openmute, http://www.openmute.org, London
Hosts: metamute.org and many others

United States

The Thing, *1995, New York City

RiseUp, Seattle, http://www.riseup.net/