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Aymeric Mansoux (FR) is an artist, musician and media researcher.

In 2003, he founded goto10 with Thomas Vriet, a non profit organization and artist collective, with the goal to promote the use and support of free software in electronic music and media art creation. Aymeric has been active in the collective until 2010 and initiated several projects such as: Make Art, a yearly international festival for software artists and musicians using and writing free software; Puredyne, a popular live GNU/Linux distribution for media art and design (with Chun Lee and Antonios Galanopoulos) and the FLOSS+Art publication, the first collection of essays on FLOSS and digital art production.

Since 2009, he is a core tutor and co-supervisor of study for the networked media branch of the Media Design and Communication Master of the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam. Aymeric is also a PhD student at the Centre for Cultural Studies, Goldsmiths, University of London, researching the creative misunderstandings between art and politics within copyleft practices.

His latest collaboration, Naked on Pluto, is a Facebook interactive fiction that investigates and highlights privacy, ownership and identity issues surrounding centralized proprietary commercial social networks. His projects include the mysterious packets toolkit (with Tom Schouten and Marloes de Valk), the 0xA band (with Chun Lee), and the alife art Metabiosis project (with Marloes de Valk).