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Daphne Dragona. (Source)

Daphne Dragona is an independent curator, theorist and writer based in Berlin. In her current work, she addresses the challenges of degrowth for art and culture, and studies the ambiguous role of technology in times of climate crisis.

Among her curated -or co-curated- exhibitions and projects are: Weaving Worlds (Deree ACG, Athens 2022), Weather Engines (Onassis Stegi & National Observatory of Athens, 2022), Trials and Errors (Romantso, Athens, 2021), Stefania Strouza: 212 Medea (AnnexM/ Megaron, Athens, 2021), Reprogramming Earth (NeMe, Limassol, 2020), Kyriaki Goni, Counting Craters on the Moon (Aksioma, 2019), Tomorrows, Fictions spéculatives pour l’avenir méditerranéen (Le Lieu Unique, Nantes, 2019), “…” an archeology of silence in the digital age (Aksioma, Ljubljana, 2017), Tomorrows, Urban fictions for possible futures (Diplareios, Athens, 2017), Capture All (transmediale, Berlin, 2015), New Babylon Revisited (Goethe Institut Athen, 2014), Afresh, a new generation of Greek artists (ΕΜSΤ, 2013), Data Bodies - Networked Portraits (Fundacion Telefonica & Alta Tecnologia Andina, Lima, 2011), Mapping the Commons Athens (EMST, 2010), Homo Ludens Ludens (Laboral, Gijon, 2008). Talks of hers have been hosted at ViZ (Athens), Mapping Festival (Geneva), MoMA (New York), Hek (Basel), Arts in Society (London), Leuphana University (Lueneburg) and Goethe University (Frankfurt). Articles of hers have been published in various books, journals, magazines, and exhibition catalogs by the likes of Diaphana Press, Springer, Sternberg Press, and Leonardo Electronic Almanac. With Jussi Parikka she co-edited the publication Words of Weather (Onassis Foundation, 2022).

Dragona has been the talks curator of EMAF (Onsabrück) since 2021, whereas in the past she has worked as conference curator for transmediale festival (Berlin) from 2015 until 2019. From 2001 until 2007 she was the general coordinator of medi@terra festival, organised by Fournos (Athens). She is affiliated to Onassis Stegi as curatorial advisor, and she has been a member of several committees for conferences and festivals. She has served twice as a jury member and mentor for ARTWORKS, Fellowship for Greek Young Artists and Curators of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation.

She holds a PhD from the Faculty of Communication & Media Studies of the University of Athens, an MA in Museum Studies from UCL, and a BA in Archaeology and History of Art from the University of Athens. (2023)