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Film Authors Studio (FAS) was the first independent and autonomous production house in Yugoslavia, established in 1967 as a collaboration of Zagreb and Split Cinema Clubs. FAS operated until 1973 under the management of Kruno Heidler. The motives for associating in FAS were new organizational forms of cooperation in all stages of film production, independence from professional production, openness toward authorial concepts and practices, filmmaking under guerrilla conditions, and lastly, modernism and new poetics. In addition to renowned professionals, such as Branko Bauer, Branko Majer, Zlatko Sudović, Mate Relja and Dusan Vukotić, Ivo Škrabal and Fadil Hadžić, new young filmmakers too gathered around FAS: Lordan Zafranović, Vladimir Petek, Ranko Kursar, Ivan Martinac, Petar Krelja, Milivoj Puhlovski, Zoran Tadić, Ante Peterlić, Miroslav Mikuljan, and Tomislav Radić. Most of the Studio film authors were Croatian, some Slovenians too were involved, like Karpo Godina, who realized his Piknik v nedeljo (Picnic on Sunday) there. FAS films tended to do quite well each year at the festival of documentary film in Belgrade, particularly owing to their provocative and innovative approaches to their chosen themes. Five feature films were produced by FAS, as well as some 50 shorts. (Ana Janevski)

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