Friedrich Dessauer

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Friedrich Dessauer (19 July 1881 – 16 February 1963) was a physicist, a philosopher, a socially engaged entrepreneur and a journalist.


(in German unless noted otherwise)

Philosophy of technology
  • Technische Kultur?, 1908.
  • Philosophie der Technik. Das Problem der Realisierung, Bonn: Cohen, 1927.
  • Seele in Bannkreis der Technik, 1945.
  • Streit um die Technik, 1956.


  • Carl Mitcham, "Friedrich Dessauer and Technology as Encounter with the Kantian Thing-in-Itself", in Mitcham, Thinking Through Technology: The Path Between Engineering and Philosophy, University Of Chicago Press, 1994, pp 29-33, PDF. [1]