Philosophy of technology

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Selected monographs
Journals and series
  • Techné: Research in Philosophy and Technology journal, since 2005. [4]
  • Jahrbuch Technikphilosophie series, diaphanes, since 2015.[5] (German)
  • Erwin Herlitzius, "Technik und Philosophie", Informationsdienst Geschichte der Technik 5:5 (1965), Dresden, pp 1-36. (German)
  • Carl Mitcham, Robert Mackey, Bibliography of the Philosophy of Technology, University of Chicago Press, 1973.



Anthropology, Art history, History of architecture, Biomechanics, Classics, Commons, Cultural techniques, Cyberfeminism, Cybernetics, Decolonial aesthetics, Design research, Digital humanities, Information theory, Marxist aesthetics, Media archaeology, Media ecology, Mediology, Modern periodical studies, Neuroaesthetics, Neural aesthetics, Philosophy of technology, Posthumanities, Postmedia, Poststructuralism, Semiotics, Sensory ethnography, Software studies, Structuralism, Systems theory