Langdon Winner: The Whale and the Reactor: A Search for Limits in an Age of High Technology (1986)

18 November 2010, dusan

“This collection of ten essays explores the social, political, and philosophical ramifications of the information technologies. While Winner looks at computer networking, nuclear reactors, genetic engineering, the so-called appropriate-technology movement and a variety of other specific issues, his main focus is on the way we think about technology.”

Publisher University of Chicago Press
ISBN 0226902110, 9780226902111
xiv+200 pages

Reviews: Craig Calhoun (Science, 1986), David Dickson (New York Times, 1986), James R. Temples (American Political Science Review, 1987), Stanley R. Carpenter (J Business Ethics, 1987), Slawomir Magala (Organization Studies, 1989), Scott London (1995), Heather Wiltse (2008).


PDF (updated on 2012-7-17)

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