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grey) (area . space of contemporary and media art promotes international contemporary and media art at the both local and global scale, with focus at Mediterranean region.

gray) (area presents works of contemporary and media art with focus on ones that fills the gap between those two art-worlds and discourses. Preferable are programs that shifts the media and skipping the frame of simple definitions and interpretations.

gray) (area operates form the city of Korčula at Korcula island in Croatia, enjoying the free position of the cultural periphery and challenge of no context of neither contemporary nor media art within the close neighborhood. Periphery provides freedom of established cultural power-games, predictable fashionable key-words and double criteria [that depend on geo-political position of the art-producer] and other positions of predictable artist reputation's building system of cultural industry, and become present even within the small media art culture circles. Special interest is developing collaborations within Mediterranean region.

Ran by Darko Fritz.