Igor Mikhailenko

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(b. 1963), a composer from Klin, a cltyjust northwest of Moscow, is in a certain way a Soviet Jim Dixon, the disabled American who rowed across the Atlantic Ocean. Bedridden since childhood, Mikhailenko was unable to attend school and thus is entirely self-educated. Although he lives in the same town that Tchaikovsky did and has an innate musical talent, he is unable to go to hear an ordinary symphonic concert. For him, being a computer composer is a way to be useful to humanity. Mikhailenko is a philosopher by nature, a quality one can detect in his computer miniatures. Unfortunately, Mikhailenko is obliged to work on the BK-0010 computer, which is limited in expressive means, and only at home-access to the best studios is impossible for him. Therefore, his musical development proceeds slowly. In addition to computer music, Mikhailenko also cre- ates applied programs for the BK-0010 computer.