Linda Hilfling Ritasdatter

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Danish artist and critical designer, Linda Hilfling, works with the premises of participation and public space within media structures, with a focus on means of control (codes, organisation and law) and their cultural impact. Her artistic practice takes the form of interventions which in humoristic and often absurd ways reflect on and reveal gaps within existing structures – the place where a system fails and its inadequacies become visible. Works range from concepts for using ATM-machines or surveillance cameras as local-media platforms to software interventions. Linda is a devoted FLOSS user and her works are most often freely distributed tools with a wrenched or dysfunctional aspect. She holds an MA in Networked Media from Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam and a BA in Architecture from the Royal Academy of Arts in Copenhagen. Linda is also the co-director and initiator of the Art of the Overhead – a media archaeological festival celebrating the overhead projector.