Lyubov Popova

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Born 1889 near Moscow to a wealthy family of textile merchant and art patron. Painted since 11. 1909 travel to Kiev, 1910 to Pskov and Novgorod, 1911 to ancient Russian cities including St Petersburg to study icons. 1912 works in Moscow studio 'The Tower' with Aksenov and Tatlin. 1912-13 studies with Udaltsova in Paris, meets Archipenko and Zadkine there in 1913. 1913 back in Russia to work with Tatlin, Udaltsova and Vesnin brothers. 1914 travel to France and Italy and discovers cubism and futurism, which she synthetises into suprematist-inspired though still kind of representational 'Painterly Architectonics' (PA series in 1916-18). From 1914-15 her Moscow flat is a meeting place for artists and writers. 1914-16 exhibits with Ekster, Udaltsova and Rozanova. 1916 joins Malevich's Supremus group at Verbovka village folk centre, there experiences a split between spiritually and materially oriented artists, finally embraces the latter and dedicates her work to poster and book design, fabric, theatre design, teaching and agitprop. 1918 marries art historian von Eding and has a son, next year von Eding dies of typhoid fever, she's also seriously ill but recovers. Abstract works until 1921, then releases a statement that all creative work should be for the people and making of the new society. 1921-24 entirely constructivist, sometimes works with Stepanova, Vesnin, Rodchenko. Makes stage designs. 1924 dies of scarlet fever. 1924 large exhibition of her work in Moscow.