Milan Dobeš

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Milan Dobeš (1929, Přerov) is a constructivist and kinetic artist. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava.

Dobeš created dynamic constructivist works, in parallel with the international movement of this tendency by exponents such as Le Parc, Morellet and Soto; took part in formative international exhibitions such as Kunst-Licht-Kunst (Eindhoven, 1966), Konstruktive Tendenzen (Nürnberg, 1968) and New Tendencies 5 (1973), as well as the Documenta 4 exhibition in Kassel; and which did not go unnoticed by the leading critics and theorists of the day (those writing on Dobeš's work include F. Popper, U. Kultermann and O. Bihalji-Merin).

In 1971, Dobeš toured the United States with his lumino-dynamic programme accompanying American Wind Symphony Orchestra performances of T. Mayazumi and Krzysztof Penderecki.



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