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This page is meant to provide hints on how to engage with Monoskop wiki. Feel free to add questions to the Discussion page.

Uploading files

Before uploading any file to the wiki, make sure to include name(s) of the author(s) and title in the file name. To keep links nice, remove all commas, brackets and other extra characters. Names of persons as well as titles of publications should be capitalised. Persons' surnames should precede their first names. Articles and artworks should also include the year of their publication or production. The file name should only include characters a..z, A..Z, numbers 0..9, spaces (or underscores), dashes (only those which are part of personal names) and periods (to mark the extension of the file, such as in .pdf). The upload module will replace spaces with underscores and we'll end up with a nice URL. After uploading the file, use the 'Edit' item at the top to add description, i.e., the source where it originates from, dimensions and materials of objects, etc.

Examples of file names before upload

Moholy-Nagy Laszlo From Material to Architecture.pdf
Hirsal Josef Groegerova Bohumila eds Slovo pismo akce hlas.pdf
Chalupecky Jindrich 1940 Svet v nemz zijeme.pdf
Valoch Jiri 1966-67 Promeny doby variacni basen.jpg
Malovec Jozef 1966 Orthogenesis.mp3

Embedding files

Text document

Supported media types: pdf, epub, txt.

Uploaded file
[[Media:filename|title of publication]] {{language shortcut if other than English}}

Example of bibliographic entry:

* Rosalind Krauss, [[Media:Krauss_Rosalind_1979_Sculpture_in_the_Expanded_Field.pdf|"Sculpture in the Expanded Field"]], ''October'' 8 (Spring 1979), pp 30-44.

Displayed here: Land art#Art history and theory.

Linking file hosted elsewhere on the web
[filename title of publication] {{language shortcut if other than English}}

Example of bibliographic entry:

* Siegfried Giedion, [ "Moholy Nagy László"], ''Korunk'' (1936), pp 625-628. {{hu}}

Displayed here: Laszlo Moholy-Nagy#Articles_2.


Supported media types: jpg, png, gif.

As a thumbnail on the right

Example: Alexandra Exter.

In a gallery
filename 1|caption
filename 2|caption

Example: Varvara Stepanova#Works.

For more details see Mediawiki Help page.

Sound file

Supported media types: ogg, mp3.

{{#widget:Html5media|url=full path to the file|width=450|height=0}}<br><br>



Displayed here: Milan Knizak#Broken Music


Supported media types: webm, mp4.

Uploaded file
<center>{{#widget:Html5media|url=full path to the file|width=640|height=480|poster=full path to a screenshot}}</center>


<center>{{#widget:Html5media|url=|width=640|height=480|poster=}} <br>
22 min, 1972.<br></nowiki>

Displayed here: Dusan Hanak#Works.

Embedding from Vimeo
<center>{{#widget:Vimeo|id=ID number|width=640|height=480}}</center>



Displayed here: Dziga Vertov#Man with a Movie Camera (1929).