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Cycle of performances organised by SNEH in 1993-1994 in Bratislava including improvised music, experimental rock, live electronics, performance art, intermedia and multimedia projects. Concept by Peter Machajdík and Michal Murin.

4 evenings:

  • July 1993, boiler of the dilapitated swimming pool at Žižkova st., performance by Jon Rose with Peter Machajdík and Peter Hollinger, alternative rock concerts by Vitebsk Broken and Piecka A
  • September 1993, AF bookstore, Peter Machajdík with Tom Gurallnick
  • 15 January 1994, concert by Požoň Sentimentál (composed program Jurassic Park), Phil Minton's improvised jazz quartet (with Veryan Weston, John Butcher, Roger Turner)
  • June 1994, at the Evenings of New Music, workshop by Hugh Davies, installation by Jens Brand and Wald Riedl, performances by Vapori del Cuore (pieces by Burlas, Machajdík, Matej, Piaček, Earl Brown, David Dramm), performance by saxophone quartet Rova (Bruce Ackley, Steve Adams, Larry Ochs, Jon Raskin)