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New Media department at the Academy of Fine Arts at University of Novi Sad, Novi Sad.

Staff: Lidija Srebotnjak, Dragan Živančević, Vladan Joler, Stevan Kojić.

"Thanks to the great effort and initiative of Bogdanka Poznanović, professor and artist, in the 1979. In the Novi Sad Academy of Art a new class is founded called Intermedial research. Thus offering a place for intensive research and creative work for students interested in alternative means of expressing themselves (including video, installations performances, body art, mail art, etc. ), this was also the first year that video as a class is established in Academy of arts (Novi Sad). After 1991 Visual studio (which is from 1995 led by Professor Lidija Srebotnjak) is the only place in Yugoslavian academies of art where student video works are realized trough the teachers plan. In the 2002. thank to the decisive pro reforms orientated University of Novi Sad which includes the Art Academy, in the art department the class named New Media is founded , and introducing new subjects: Video and Digital arts (led by docent Dragan Živančević and assistant Vladan Joler). " [1]