Vladan Joler

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Born 1977 in Novi Sad. A professor at the New Media department at Academy of Fine Arts, Novi Sad. Member of the society Narodna Tehnika (National Technique), retired game hacker, bureaucrat, DIY enthusiast, 8bit fanatic, electro pioneer, researcher, developer, scout, old & new media maker, atheist, activist, a lover of production processes and books with illustrations, internet ecologist, pirate by conviction, nationally undeclared, leftist with an affinity for high-quality cheeses, co-owner of a boat, traveler, “in VAT”, tactful media and hacktivism lover, esthete, passionate proponent of open code, society and data and a designer when he has to be one.

He is also a member of Kuda.org, and Eastwood - Real Time Strategy Group.