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New Media Center_kuda.org is an independent cultural organization based in Novi Sad, Serbia, which since 2001 brings together artists, theoreticians, media activists, researchers and the wider public in the research of contemporary art theory and practice, cultural policies, activism and politics. kuda.org tends to make an intervention in the sphere of research and artistic and social experimentation within the field of art and cultural production, from the position of institutional critique and critique of cultural policies. Facing processes of cultural industries and culturalization of politics and art, the collective attempts to map and encourage acts of critique and resistance to comodification of results of art production including attempts of transformation and critique of relations of production which are in the field of art production and outer-art social processes being reproduced through shifts of ideological and „political“ matrixes, which are in the last instance consequence of recuperation of people.

kuda.org creates platform for an open dialogue, experimental education, collaboration and research, and open access to different knowledge resources. Within kuda.org, there have been organised several hundreds public events: lectures and presentations of visiting artists and theorists, workshops, exhibitions, conferences and international publishing project. Over the years, kuda.org has established a wide network of collaborating cultural institutions and individuals, locally, in Serbia, in the region and internationally. In 2007, kuda.org co-established the Youth Center CK13, one of the rare autonomous spaces dedicated to activism, self-organisation and independent cultural production. Since 2012, kuda.org is closely collaborating with the Group for Conceptual Politics – GKP from Novi Sad on projects, theoretical researches, publishing and the politics of housing (within the project Local politics and Urban self-management). (2021)


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