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Center for new media Kuda is a Novi Sad based non-profit organization, which gathers artists, theorists, media activists, researchers and general audience in the field of information and communication technologies. Kuda was officially founded in 2000. In the mid-1990s association Apsolutno had the idea to form Kulturno Umetničko Društvo Apsolutno (KUD Apsolutno) and bring together people to shape what is presently Kuda. Kuda is dedicated to the exploration of new cultural relations, contemporary artistic practices and social issues. Current members include Zoran Pantelić, Branka Ćurčić, and Borka Stojić. Past members: Kristian Lukić, Orfeas Skutelis, and many others.


kuda.org consists of three departments:

kuda.info / infocentre department is a specialised service dedicated to informing on new media culture, art practice, new technologies and social phenomena. It includes library, mediateque, multimedia archive; the Infocentre provides Internet free access to its users; provides information and resources for research in the field of ICT and culture.

kuda.lounge / presentation and talk comprises lectures by artists, media activists, art theorists, scientists, researchers. kuda.lounge are discussions, public presentations on cultural and societal topics; the programmes are founded on lecture/workshop developing concepts, which are realised through the Centre's activities and through the existing infrastructure of the education system.

kuda.production / production department selects, supports and promotes artists, cultural and media activists working in the new media and technologies production. The aim of kuda.org is to develop publishing, production and co-production of non-profit multimedia projects in the field of new media within the region.

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