Darija Medić

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Darija Medić (1986, Serbia) is a digital practitioner and researcher, working in the fields of media art and design, critical writing, curating and production. Since 2012 she has been a core member of the organization Interkultivator that focuses on the decentralization of cultural production in Serbia through creating experimental educational platforms, and in 2015 she joined Napon, institute of flexible cultures and technologies. Her work resides mostly in the context of the public domain and its shaping, language and its social practices, media and its archaeology, technology and its philosophy. The majority of her works are speculative interventions into the imperfections of systems that penetrate the principles of building social meaning and dynamics of power distribution.

She holds an MA in Media design and communication: Networked Media from the Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam, and a BA in New media from The Academy of Arts, in Novi Sad. Darija has exhibited in Serbia and internationally, showing her work on projects such as Device Art (Croatia; Czech Republic), Mindware: Technologies of Dialogue (Poland), Karasssuite (Slovakia; Belgium), Make Me festival (Serbia; Austria), Hacker Space Festival (France), Unlimited Liability (Germany), Memefest (international), Viral Communications conference (Netherlands), and elsewhere. She lives in Belgrade.