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Branka Ćurčić (1977) is a writer and art critic.

She works as a program editor in the New Media, Novi Sad (since 2002), where she also co-edits the book series focusing on critical approaches towards new media culture, technology, new cultural relations, contemporary artistic practice and society. She is also an activist and member of the Group for Conceptual Politics (GCP), where she works on two major projects realized in cooperation with - an expanding publishing series focusing on French theory and philosophy and a project that reflects on politics of self-organization and civil society strarting from housing politics. She is interested in researching new positions in relation to politics and in relation to art, interests she has written about in contributions to readers and publications by and GCP, as well as on their respective websites.

Ćurčić received her BA in arts from the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad in 2001, and MA in Theory of Art and Media from the University of Art Belgrade.

She was main coordinator of the international World-Information.Org exhibition at the Museum of Vojvodina, Novi Sad, and the Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade, (2003). She was one of content developers and project coordinator for international conference Trans_European Picnic: The Art and Media of Accession organized on 1 May 2004 in Novi Sad as a collaborative project of and V2_Institute of Unstable Media. She was one of the researchers in the project Transform founded in 2005 by eipcp – European Institute for Progressive Cultural Policies, Vienna.

Since 2006, she has been engaged in establishing and running the Youth Center CK13 in Novi Sad, an independent and educative project dedicated to stimulation and development of social engagement and political activism of young people.