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Media artist, curator, writer.

Has collaborated on international projects, produced time based and digital works, and participated in workshops, forums and festivals worldwide. She has exhibited her work as part of the ICOLS group at ISEA2004, and venues in Australia and the US. In the same year exhibited with the Girls&Guns collective's touring exhibition.

Currently Czegledy works on the Aurora Feast Public Art Project. Resonance, the Electromagnetic Bodies Project, Digitized Bodies Virtual Spectacles and the Aurora Projects reflect her art&science&technology interest. These projects focus on the changing perception of the environment and the human body and are presented via on-line and on-site events in Canada and internationally.

In 2005 Czegledy presented at the 2nd New Media Symposium in Beijing, at ARCO2005, Madrid and the Impact of Space on Society Conference in, Budapest. Her presentations in 2004 included Cyber@arts Bilbao; Dakar Biennale, Senegal; ISEA2004, the 7th Workshop on the Space, the Arts, 55th International Astronautical Congress, Vancouver, Newforms Festival, Vancouver and QI and Complexity Conference in Beijing. Czegledy curated over 35 digital art/video programs presented in more than 25 countries and initiated Points of Entry, the first Canadian/ Australian/New Zealand digital arts collaboration. Co-curated with Louise Provencher the Resonance touring project exhibits electronic art installations by 9 Canadian artists and is scheduled to be shown at ZKM, Karlruhe, Conde Duque, Madrid, Tent/V2, Rotterdam, Ludwig Museum, Budapest, and the Outsider Festival, Paris. Czegledy is the curator of Sara Diamond's Code Zebra in Toronto for the Women Arts Resource Center (Nov. 2004) Reconnaissance, a Finnish touring project initiated and courated by Czegledy opens at InterAcces in Toronto in January 2006.

Her academic lectures lead to numerous publications in books and journals in Europe, North and South America and Asia. Czegledy is the president of Critical Media, a Canadian based Knowledge Institute, curator and content developer for the Canadian digital culture database for the Canadian Heritage Network. She is a member of the LEAuthors as well as the Leonardo SpaceArt Network. She has been appointed by the UNESCO DigiArts Portal as a Key Advisor to the African Network and is member of UNESCO's Arab States DigiArts group as well as the UNESCO/Leonardo' Mediterrian Jasmin group. Nina Czegledy is the current Chair of the Inter Society for the Electronic Arts (ISEA). Also a honorary member of Nextlab.

She lives in Budapest and Toronto.