Ottomar Anschütz

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Ottomar Anschütz (16 May 1846 in German Lissa – 30 May 1907 in Berlin) was a German inventor, photographer, and chronophotographer. He invented 1/1000 of a second shutter, and the electrotachyscope in 1887. The electrotachyscope was a disk of 24 glass diapositives, manually powered, and illuminated by a sparking spiral Geissler tube, used by a single viewer, or projected to a small group. His 1884 albumen photography of storks inspired aviation pioneer Otto Lilienthal's experimental gliders in the late 1880s.

When the first movie theatre opened in Berlin in April 1896, its Kinematograph was considered in some press reports 'fundamentally an improvement on and a perfection of the Anschütz Schnellesher', a contemporary tribute to an influential and now undervalued pioneer of chronophotography [1].