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Paul Nadar (1856–1939) was a French photographer, entrepreneur, and son of Nadar.

Paul Nadar was born on February 8, 1856, in Paris. He was the only son of Ernestine and Félix Tournachon, better known as Nadar. Paul Nadar was trained in pho- tography by his father, the celebrated portraitist. First as artistic director and later as manager, he ran his father’s third and final studio at 51 rue d’Anjou. Under Paul, the new studio catered to a more affluent clientele and prospered. As a photographer, Paul made fashionable images of the bourgeois and aristocratic clientele. In 1890, he began shooting from a hot-air balloon as his father had earlier. After these works were exhibited, he was caricatured in the press as “The Fearless Paul Nadar” for his courage and his experimentation with photography. In 1890, Paul photographed sites in Europe and Asia along the ancient silk route. He worked with new equipment from Eastman Kodak and, in 1893, he became an agent for George Eastman in France. He inherited the Nadar Studio after his father’s death in 1910. The studio survived only a few years after Paul’s death on September 1, 1939 [1].