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Paweł Kwiek (16 March 1951, Warsaw - 13 March 2022, Warsaw) was a Polish artist, photographer, cinematographer, light designer, and co-founder of the Workshop of the Film Form.

Paweł Kwiek graduated from the Cinematography Department of the Łódź Film School in 1974. In 1970, he began making experimental films, video art, photography and artistic activities involving other disciplines of art, culture and related sciences (philosophy, theatre, poetry, sociology, etc.). Between 1970 and 1980 he was a founding member of the Workshop of the Film Form. He lectured at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (1977-78) and at the Łódź Film School (1978-81).

Kwiek is one of the key figures of the Polish neo-avant-garde of the 1970s along with artists such as Józef Robakowski, Jan Świdziński, Zbigniew Dłubak, and Zofia Kulik.

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