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Peter Igor Meluzín (13 September 1947, Bratislava - 6 August 2019) was a Slovak artist.

He was one of the founders of the Terén action art collective (1982-1987). As a satirical shift Július Koller's U.F.O. he organised UFOTBAL (1981), a football match with a rematch, played by the artist teams of the Súperbojs SŠUP and U.F.O. Lamač clubs. In 1981-1982 he took part in Koller's Gallery of Ganek project, a fictitious gallery for cosmo-humanistic culture located on a stone terrace in the High Tatras. In 1983-84 as part of the Terén collective, he staged several events for a circle of Bratislava artists, at which he used 'found reality' in the form of the partially constructed concrete building of the water treatment plant at Vrakuňa. Through gradual improvement and perfecting of the original script and adaptation of the events to the completion of the building, he made a series of three actions entitled Čierne diery [Black Holes] (1983-1984): Black Hole, Schwarzes Loch and Sitting Bull. In the harsh spaces of the building Meluzin staged a situational drama for the participants with rules that imitated the everyday official life of citizens. It left participants of the event with a feeling of helplessness, isolation under the total control of the powers-that-be. Peter Meluzin's events were constructed on the participative principle and often had the character of “out of town trips”, paralleled by the Moscow group Collective Actions around Andrei Monastyrsky. (Source)

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