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Re-Approaching New Media. Series of interdisciplinary workshops and events. Collaboration between CRAC, Olento, RIXC, Atelier Nord, E-Media Center and Vilma.

RAM1 - Representation and Control in Computer Games, November 2002 in Visby.

RAM2 - Joker in a Global Bunker, February 2003 in Oslo. Hosted by Atelier Nord.

RAM3 - Reclaiming cultural territory in new media, 29 October - 2 November 2003 in Tallin. Hosted by E-Media Center.

RAM4 - Survival Kit, 3-9 November 2003 in Helsinki. Organised by Olento and NIFCA.

RAM5 - Open Source Media Architecture, 4-9 May 2004 in Riga. Hosted by RIXC.

RAM6 - Social Interaction and Collective Intelligence, August 2004 in Vilnius. Hosted by Vilma.

RAM7 - Models of Collaboration, 5-9 March 2005 in Minsk. Hosted by Centre for Innovative Practice in collaboration with CRAC and RAM-Network. Organised by Nils Claesson, Tatiana Tushina, Denis Romanovski, Dmitri Plax and others.

RAM7 http://ram7.art375.org
RAM7 http://www.ram-net.net/index_ram7.htm
RAM6 http://www.ram-net.net/index_ram6.htm
RAM1-RAM5 http://www.ram-net.net