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Atelier Nord is a platform for contemporary art with a focus on media art. It shows a programme of exhibitions, screenings, performances and workshops in its gallery space in the Grünerløkka neighbourhood of Oslo. Atelier Nord facilitates art production by offering a studio for audio and video editing. In addition to its gallery space, it also uses its office space for artist talks, screenings and smaller exhibitions. It is a member of PNEK (Production Network for Electronic Art, Norway).

Atelier Nord was founded by Anne Breivik and Reidar Rudjord in 1965 as a printmaking workshop. The workshop became an important space for printmaking in Oslo. In 1993 Atelier Nord received funding from The Arts Council of Norway in order to build a computer and video lab. The graphic arts department was closed in 1998 and electronic art became the main focus. A restructuring of Atelier Nord started in 2003 changing Atelier Nord from a workshop for electronic arts to a project base for unstable art forms. Exhibiting and distributing media art is the main focus of Atelier Nord today. In 2011 Atelier Nord was expanded to include a gallery space in the Grünerløkka neighbourhood of Oslo. In 2017 Atelier Nord’s administration was able to move into the same building as the gallery space, after previously being located on Sagene and in Kunstnernes Hus. Today, its gallery, office space and studio are all located on the same premises. ORP 2 (Olaf Ryes plass 2) is owned by the municipality of Oslo, Office for Cultural Affairs and houses 18 artist studios as well as a guest apartment, gallery and office. (2020)

Past and present artistic directors: Anne Breivik (1965-1997), Kristin Bergaust (1997-2001), Atle Barcley (2001-2008), Lars Gustav Midbø (2008-2009), Ivar Smedstad (2009-2018), Ida Lykken Ghosh (2018-).