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PNEK (Production Network for Electronic Art, Norway) is a network structure aiming to provide good production conditions for artists working with electronic and interdisciplinary art. PNEK assists artists and structures with competence building, project development, workshops, screening/distribution of works, and activities aiming to raise the general awareness about hybrid art forms through seminars and social/artistic events. PNEK can provide limited travel support for artistic/structural exchange between the nodes, and for developing international relations (artists, curators, critics etc.).

PNEK also has a guest apartment in Oslo, available for visiting curators, artists, critics etc.

Gyrid Nordal Kaldestad is the director of PNEK (2017 – ) and Zane Cerpina is creative manager.


PNEK was founded as an independent organisation during a meeting at Hotel Terminus in Bergen, the 18th of March 2007. The founders are NOTAM (Oslo), Atelier Nord (Oslo), BEK Bergen centre for electronic arts, TEKS (Trondheim), i/o/lab (Stavanger).

In the Autumn of 2008 six new nodes have joined the network: Piksel (Bergen), Atopia (Oslo), Utsikten Kunstsenter (Kvinesdal), ROM3 (Grenland), Dans for Voksne (Oslo) and Lydgalleriet (Bergen).

In the Summer of 2017 three new nodes joined the network: Vandaler Forening (Oslo), Art Republic (Stavanger), and Noemata (Gol).

KINOKINO (Sandnes) was a member between 2012 and 2015.