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PNEK (Production Network for Electronic Art, Norway) is a network structure aiming to provide good production conditions for artists working with electronic and interdisciplinary art. PNEK assists artists and structures with competence building, project development, workshops, screening/distribution of works, and activities aiming to raise the general awareness about hybrid art forms through seminars and social/artistic events. PNEK can provide limited travel support for artistic/structural exchange between the nodes, and for developing international relations (artists, curators, critics etc.).

PNEK also has a guest apartment in Oslo, available for visiting curators, artists, critics etc.

Past and current directors included Kristin Bergaust (2000-2001), Nils Claesson (2001-2002), Janne Stang Dahl (2002-), Per Platou (2007-2015), Ståle Stenslie (2015-2017), Gyrid Nordal Kaldestad (2017-2019), and Hilde Tørdal (2019-).

PNEK was founded in 2000 and established as an independent foundation in March 2007. It is funded by the Ministry of Culture in Norway. (2019)


PNEK was founded as an independent organisation during a meeting at Hotel Terminus in Bergen, the 18th of March 2007. The founding members are Atelier Nord (Oslo), BEK Bergen centre for electronic arts, i/o/lab (Stavanger), NOTAM (Oslo), and TEKS (Trondheim).

In the Autumn of 2008 six new nodes have joined the network: Piksel (Bergen), Dans for Voksne (Oslo) and Lydgalleriet (Bergen).

In the Summer of 2017 three new nodes joined the network: Vandaler Forening (Oslo), Art Republic (Stavanger), and Noemata (Gol).

Atopia (Oslo) was a member between 2008 and 2017. ROM3 (Grenland) was a member between 2008 and 2017. Utsikten Kunstsenter (Kvinesdal) from 2008 to 2017. KINOKINO (Sandnes) was a member between 2012 and 2015. (2019)