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TEKS, Trondheim Electronic Arts Centre is a non-profit organization founded in Trondheim in January 2002 for promoting electronic arts of any field, locally and nationally. TEKS is a resource and competence centre for artists working with digital and electronic tools.

TEKS organizes Trondheim Matchmaking, an annual international festival of new technology and electronic arts.

TEKS employs two persons (160% position). TEKS is in 2006 funded by the Norwegian government, the Norwegain Council for Cultural Affairs, the City of Trondheim and the Production Network for Electronic Arts (PNEK).

TEKS is a member of PNEK, the Production Network for Electronic Arts. Other members are NoTAM, Oslo / Atelier Nord, Oslo / BEK, Bergen centre for electronic arts, i/o/lab, Stavanger.

TEKS board:
- Head of board: Director of Trondheim Cinemas, Egil Akselsen.
- Letizia Jaccheri, professor, Department of computer and information science, NTNU
- Sigurd Saue, researcher, Soundscape Studios
- Kjetil Svarstad, professor, Department of electronics and telecommunications, NTNU
- Trine Eidsmo, artist, head of TEKS
- Espen Gangvik, artist, project manager, TEKS