Trondheim Matchmaking

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Trondheim Matchmaking is an annual international festival in Trondheim, focusing on arts and technology. The festival is arranged by the non-profit organization TEKS - Trondheim Electronic Arts Centre.

The festival is a meeting point for presenting innovative ideas and artistic projects, a place to share knowledge, making contacts and achieving new competence regarding arts and technology. New art projects with a need for technology - new technologies with a need for substance: a place to bind together resources and competence within the field.

  • 19-20 Oct 2007, NATURE [of man]
  • 12-15 Oct 2006, Machine
  • 17-22 Oct 2005, Soft Freedom
  • 13-17 Oct 2004, Digital Lifestyle
  • 28-29 Nov 2003, The Continuing
  • 6-7 Apr 2002, The Beginning