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Born 1935 in Toronto. Artist. Lives in Vienna since 1972. Produces installations, radio art and sound art works from 1957, and he's one of the recognized pioneer of telecomunication art. He started to work and experiment in this field already in 1979.

Organised a number of projects involving fax, slow-scan tv, amateur radio, Bulletin Board Systems etc. during the 80s and 90s. He has been working with different media, including installation, model-making, photography, painting, sculpture, radio and computer. His work has been included in many international exhibitions, for example at the Biennale in Venice (1980 und 1984), the Biennale in Sydney (1986) and and several times at the Ars Electronica in Linz/Austria.

In April 1995 he initiated Kunstradio On Line, the web-site of the ORF radio art programme Kunstradio and continued as webmaster of KR online untill April 2000.


Danube Connection

Danube Connection - Electronic Communication Happening for fax, two telephone lines and a picture-phone, 1993. Download (WEBM)

Live interactive event of telecommunication between the Viennese Freihaus-Kunstlabor and Artpool Art Research Center, Budapest (organized by ZERONET / Robert Adrian X. and ARTPOOL), 8 September 1993, 6-8 p.m.
Performing: Endre Szkárosi, Paul Dutton, János Szirtes, Mia Zabelka and others.
Music: Tibor Szemző.
Speakers: Julia Klaniczay (Artpool) and Robert Adrian X. (Freihaus Kunstlabor).
Video-sketch: György Galántai.
via Artpool