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google street

cbll=lat,lng; z=zoom; cbp=x,yaw,x,zoom,pitch,+Deelgemeente+Centrum,+Rotterdam,+Nederland&hl=en&ll=51.918345,4.474354&spn=0.008444,0.01929&sll=48.145329,17.111217&sspn=0.001142,0.002411&oq=Karel+Doormanhof+45&hnear=Karel+Doormanhof+45,+Deelgemeente+Centrum,+Rotterdam,+Zuid-Holland,+The+Netherlands&t=m&z=16&layer=c&cbll=51.918247,4.474387&panoid=CYD94kZwgx3ql_j0N_0XRA&cbp=12,47.13,,0,1.99


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<wikitex refresh dpi="144"> \section*{Education} \begin{itemize} \item M.A. Media Design and Communication: Networked Media, Piet Zwart Institute, Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam University, Netherlands, 2010--2012. \item M.A. Information Technologies, Faculty of Economic Informatics, Economic University of Bratislava, Slovakia, 1997--2002. \begin{itemize} \item \textit{Dissertation:} Electronic Business (Online Market in the Mirror of Chaos Theory). \end{itemize} \item Mass Media Communication, Faculty of Mass Media Communication, University of Cyril and Method in Trnava, Slovakia, 1999--2001. \end{itemize} </wikitex>

<wikitex> Let $Q$ be any finite set, and $\mathcal B=2^Q$ be the collection of the subsets of $Q$. Let $f:\mathcal B\rightarrow \mathbb R$ be a function assigning real numbers to the subsets of $Q$ and suppose $f$ satisfies the following conditions:

(i) $f(A)\ge 0$ for all $A\subseteq Q$, $f(\emptyset)=0$,
(ii) $f$ is monotone, i.e. if $A\subseteq B\subseteq Q$ then $f(A)\le f(B)$,
(iii) $f$ is submodular, i.e. if $A$ and $B$ are different subsets of $Q$ then
     $$f(A)+f(B)\ge f(A\cap B) + f(A\cup B).\eqno{(2)}$$


<wikitex> <math>\frac{1}{\displaystyle1+\frac{1}{\displaystyle 1+\sqrt{5}}}</math> </wikitex>

html5 video


<lua who="Sandbox"> function hello(s)

 return string.format("Hello, %s!", s)


print(hello(who)) </lua>

headline in italic



"I should also say that I don’t see any contradictions at all between music and noise. Most so-called noises that have been used in the film have not been reproduced by means of noise instruments, but rather have been reproduced by musical means by real musical instruments.
The harmonium has played a huge role in this business: we can produce the sound of a dynamo-motor, taking, for example, an interval of a semitone in the low register.
The sound of the flight of an aeroplane..

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