Stano Filko

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Born June 15, 1937(1937-06-15)
Veľká Hradná, Czechoslovakia
Based in Bratislava, Slovakia

Artist. Born 1937 in Veľká Hradná, Czechoslovakia. Studied at College of Fine Arts, Bratislava (1956-59), and monumental painting at Academy of Fine Arts (MA), Bratislava (Prof. Milly and Prof. Matejka, 1959-65). In the early 1960s he took upon figural post-cubist painting, also making structuralist painting and graphic works. Gradually he included elements of collage and assemblage. Filko exhibited in Bratislava (1964, 1967, 1993), Prague (1967, 1994) and abroad. He emigrated from Czechoslovakia in 1981 and until 1990 lived in Germany, Canada and United States. He is based in Bratislava.

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