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Transmediale is an annual festival for art and digital culture, held in Berlin.

Originating as a video and film festival for contemporary art that started in 1988, transmediale has since 2001 been directed by Andreas Broeckmann who introduced an interest in software art and re-established the festival as an important contributor to the European art scene. Festival titles have included 'Do it yourself!' (2001), 'Go Public!' (2002), 'Play Global!' (2003), 'Fly Utopia!' (2004), 'Basics' (2005), and 'Reality Addicts' (2006). The festival included large media art exhibitions in 2002 and in 2006 ('Smile Machines'). From 2005-2009, transmediale is receiving a major grant from the German Federal Cultural Foundation.

The festival incorporates an award competition for art and media. The three categories: software, image and interaction were used in the years 2001-2004, since 2005 the competition has been run without such categories.

club transmediale, an evening program which explores outstanding international electronic and adventurous music, visual art and audiovisual performance is held parallel to the transmediale festival.

Year Theme Theme
2008 Conspire...
2006 Reality Addicts devoted to the Reality Addicts and their artistic strategies, with which they subvert the technological paradigm of reality.
2005 Basics explored the BASICS of artistic practice with digital technologies. The festival investigates the aesthetical and ethical foundations of a frantic and hyper-potential culture.
2004 Fly Utopia! explored the utopian potential of contemporary art practice in the field of digital culture. the festival focuses on art made by means of digital technologies, and on art that reflects on the social, cultural and aesthetic dimensions of new technologies.
2003 Play Global! dealt with the artistic and cultural responses to globalisation under the motto: "play global!"
2002 Go Public! devoted to changes in the public sphere. Go public! is an exhortation to create publicity and to develop new ideas for the design and the use of public space in the digital era.
2001 Do it yourself! concentrated on artistic projects which are concerned with the DIY development and construction of creative tools and which are designed to foster creative media competence.
2000 internationales medienkunstfestival berlin
1999 international media art festival
1998 11. VideoFest
1997 10.Videofest
1996 9.Videofest
1995 8.Videofest
1994 7.Videofest
1993 6.Videofest
1992 5.Videofest
1991 4.Videofest
1990 3.Videofest
1989 2.Videofest
1988 1.Videofest

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